Mindfulness Amongst the Vines Series Pt. 3: Our Storytelling Minds

Stressed? Overwhelmed? Learn how mindfulness can help and enjoy a glass of wine in the beautiful Hidden Hills Vineyard

Move from exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed to calm, cool, collected & energized for whatever life throws at you.

You’re exhausted, stressed out and overwhelmed at home, work and prepping for the holidays.  You are brilliant and know what to do, you’re just not doing it.

What doesn’t work

  • Continuing to overfill your plate with things that drain your energy
  • Ignoring your body’s signals to stress and
  • Beating yourself up about it all (listening to those gremlins in your head)

What does work is

  • Getting the support you need to prioritize what does fill your plate
  • Paying attention to your body’s signals and doing something about it
  • Kindness for yourself

My process works by helping you invigorate your days and find PEACE at night.  My PEACE process: Pause, Educate, Take Action, PractiCe, and RidE the Waves through life.

So ride the waves through life like an expert no matter what life throws at you over the next 4 months at Hidden Hills Farm & Vineyard.

This 4-class series includes:

  1. Intro to Mindfulness (November 18)

Understanding mindfulness & its relationship to kindness and compassion. Experience mindfulness in action through grounding, mindful eating and a body scan.

  1. Be Right Where You Are (December 16)

Keep it simple and easy – Create formal and informal practices, what are some common barriers. Experience mindfulness in action through the breath.

  1. Our Storytelling minds (January 21)

Understand the body’s reaction to stress & how we are not our thoughts, Experience mindfulness in action through sound & walking.

  1. Cultivating Kindness (February 17)


Introduction to loving kindness practice for self and others, understand how loving kindness changes your experience and supports growth and healing. Experience mindfulness in action through anchor phrases &/or RAIN.

Join us for one class or all four! $55 per class gets you the experience of mindfulness amongst the vines + a glass of wine (21+)

Only 20 seats available & you must be 21+ to drink. Sign up in advance and bring a friend!

Your Facilitator: Tara Cassidy, MS, NBC-HWC . She helps busy GenX women transform their relationship to food and their bodies through a quick, multipronged approach. This includes tackling the old paradigm of diet industry indoctrination through mindset work, self-kindness and easy, practical mindfulness practices without having to sit on a cushion.

Tara’s desire is to help thousands of women find peace and ease with both food and their bodies and live a joyful life and appreciate the skin they are in.

Tara currently lives in Frederick, MD with her life-partner, young-adult son and aging rescue dog, Butch Cassidy.

She can be found on the web: www.cassidywellnesscoaching.com and on Facebook: @CassidyWellnessCoaching and has a FB Group to support women on their health journey: Feeding Your Confidence & Nourishing Your Soul.

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Jan 21 2023


10:30 am - 12:00 pm
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