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Hidden Hills Farm & Vineyard Wines

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​This Hidden Hills Chardonnay is a bright, fresh, and clean aromatic wine with notes of lemon zest, citrus and delicate hints of candied pear. Produced with all-natural yeast, this un-oaked Chardonnay would be the perfect complement to Lemon chicken with risotto.

Hidden Hills Chardonnay
Hidden Hills Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio

​Our Pinot Grigio has a delicate apricot color, created by allowing skin contact for several hours before separating the skins and seeds from the juice. This wine has a bold structure that stands up well to intense flavors.  Lovely stone fruit and honeysuckle notes can be detected after the first sip tickles the front palate.  A perfect pairing with holiday dinners and barbecue.

Hidden Hills Bay Roan Cabernet Sauvignon

Bay Roan Cabernet Sauvignon

The Bay Roan is a unique horse with a black mane and tail, which together are a beautiful contrast to his dark red and gray coat. Our 2015 Bay Roan Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine that is bright with dark fruit and hints of blackberry. Aromas of dried herbs, dark fruit, and tomato tease the senses.  Serve with pork or brisket and savor.

horse grazing
Hidden Hills Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc

​We call this our velvet wine because of the silky texture and soft well-integrated tannins.  Notes of cranberry, lavender, and a hint of walnut come together in this Cabernet Franc, and then linger with savory pepper.  Serve with a rosemary spiced ribeye roast. Put this away as it will continue to improve and become more elegant with time.

horse jumping competition
waking horse

Chestnut Mare Blend

​The Chestnut Mare is gorgeous and well known for her fiery personality. She knows that her beautiful red coat and matching locks will always turn heads. Similarly, our 2015 Chestnut Mare is a medium-bodied red wine blend, fruit-forward with layers of plum, dark cherry and bay leaf.  The “eternal finish” of the Chestnut Mare cries out for roasted beef or lamb.

Hidden Hills Chestnut Mare Blend
horse competition

Dark Bay Syrah

(Wine Club only)

A Dark Bay is laid-back with a red coat and black points (lower legs, mane and tail). Colors range from copper to deep red. Our 2015 Dark Bay Syrah is a luscious full-bodied wine with notes of dark fruit and cranberry.  The elegant mouth-feel begins with sultry smoke and evolves into a lingering finish hinting of white pepper, chalk, and slate. Serve with a steak.

Hidden Hills Dark Bay Syrah
Hidden Hills Vidal Blanc

Vidal Blanc –


This Vidal Blanc was our debut wine at Hidden Hills Farm & Vineyard. Golden apple and a rich, round, yet soft mouth feel best describe this delicious wine, and with no residual sugar. On the finish you will detect hints of mineral, flint, and chalk. Well balanced, this lovely wine has enough acidity to bring out the natural fruit flavors. Always great with chicken and fish.

Upcoming Releases

7 new wines coming…

Including our first Estate Rose Grey Rose, Enchantress Chardonnay, Cremello Sauvignon Blanc, Bay Roan Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate Blue Roan (Chambourcin blend), Raven (Petit Verdot blend), and Chestnut Mare (Bordeaux-style blend).  More details to come…